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Certifications and guarantees

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All the products of the ORIGINEPIETRA collections have been certified with regular tests that are rigorously carried out according to UNI EN ISO standards with EUROPEAN validity.
100 freeze/thaw cycles: passed according to UNI EN ISO standard.
Fire resistance: not combustible Class 0, according to ISO/DI S standard.

Colour resistance to light: no change, according to DIN standard.

Absorption: approx. 8%.

Sands (*)

The types of sand used by ORIGINEPIETRA are 100% pure, tested according to he applicable European legislation, and therefore compliant with the related specifications and covered by the CE marking guarantee according to the 89/106/EEC Directive and the certifications listed below.

– UNI EN 12620;
– UNI EN 13139;
– UNI EN 932-1;
– UNI EN 932-3;
– UNI EN 933-5;
– UNI EN 933-8;
– UNI EN 933-9;
– UNI EN 1367-2;
– UNI EN 1367-4;
– UNI EN 1744-1;
– UNI EN ISO 9000;
– UNI EN ISO 9001.

Cements (*)

The cements used in the manufacturing of ORIGINEPIETRA products are the result of continuous technological research aimed at obtaining materials ensuring long-term performance, with the addition of the aesthetic value of unequalled colours that remain stable and unchanged over time.

Colouring agents (*)

Colouring agents are manufactured by using inorganic ferrous oxides to ensure unalterable colours over time.

All the colouring agents used by ORIGINEPIETRA are produced with the most advanced technologies and tested in extreme conditions to be perfectly in line with the applicable directives and ensure their durability:
– UNI EN ISO 9001;
– UNI EN ISO 9002;
– UNI EN ISO 14001;
– Compliance with the DIN 53388-54003 standard: WOOL SCALE (degree of inalterability under the light from 1 to 8) = value 8
– CISQ and IQNET certifications (The international Certification Network);
– ISO EN 12878: compliance with the regulations for the use of colouring agents in the production cycle.

(*) Sands, cements and colouring agents used for the manufacturing of recomposed stone floors and tiles.


The ORIGINEPIETRA guarantee does not cover damages caused by:
– Construction adaptations;
– Contacts with chemicals or paints not recommended by ORIGINEPIETRA;
– Loss of colour caused by airborne contaminants.

The ORIGINEPIETRA guarantee covers the manufacturing defects of the products, but does not cover labour costs borne for the removal and replacement of faulty products. If the end user does not use accessory ORIGINEPIETRA products, all the forms of guarantee will be forfeited and the seller shall not be liable for any problem that may occur. Defects caused by laying or installation not done in compliance with workmanship standards, that is to say without following the manufacturer’s instructions, are not covered.