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The quality of ORIGINEPIETRA relies on our long experience in the stone market. ORIGINEPIETRA was subsequently renewed and has gown over time; today it is on track with an increasingly demanding market thanks to the complete offer of recomposed stones, natural stones, marbles and granites.

A constant evolution followed as a result of important investments in research e development and of an attitude oriented to innovation and qualitative excellence. From this point of view, the cooperation developed with local universities and with the Research Centre of Modena is very important as it provide an extremely advanced laboratory for the chemical and physical testing of materials and the experimentation of state-of-the-art solutions for to maximize the reliability of products.

Another essential objective, together with the quality of development, is the protection of the environment. ORIGINEPIETRA has always rigorously complied with environment protection standards, implemented a strict and systematic control of all production steps and is constantly studying innovative environment-friendly products for an accurate choice in view of sustainable development and compliance with the strict standards of bioarchitecture.