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CLASSIC MOOD is the best range of solutions for those who wish to highlight the most natural beauty and characteristics of stone, for reduced thicknesses and customized colour shades, in view of the requirements of contemporary design. Returning to stone is seen as the basic element of an architecture to which men are linked by an ancient, ancestral relationship that cannot be broken. CLASSIC MOOD brings back to Italian tradition, to surfaces consumed by time.
The collection includes reconstructed stones with an environment-friendly soul coming from natural resources like sand, cement and natural oxides, as well as from natural stones that offer a great freedom of use and, on different substrates, are ideal for indoor applications (tiling of shower cubicles, bar counters, fireplaces, kitchen countertops or restoration works) and outdoor application in private, commercial or public buildings, to obtain retaining walls, ventilated façades, insulation and energy requalification works. The quality of materials is associated to remarkable technical characteristics: compactness, resistance to atmospheric agents, resistance to fire and UV radiation.

CONTEMPORARY MOOD gives new life to matter: stone is no longer a material for building, but takes on a totally innovative aspect. By orienting our research know-how not only towards the world of natural or recomposed stones, but also towards the material and textural suggestions of architecture, ORIGINEPIETRA has conceived of a high-relief cement modular plate coating project based on the original use of 3D effects and surface textures. The material selected is the traditional material, but the result obtained is totally unprecedented: a new sensitivity for a top quality offer that moves away from the classical natural or recomposed stone imagery by paving the way to formal, technological and productive experimentation. The CONCRETE series belongs to the CONTEMPORARY MOOD collection, which originates from these requirements: cement goes beyond its traditionally monolithic size and, in outdoor or indoor floor applications, becomes a versatile and light design tool, with a wide range of shapes and textures that allow for a variety of customizations with different combinations of shapes, lights, shadows, decorations, and colours.